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plastic pipe caused by the popular technology pipeline industry reform
【global plastic net june 12, 2010 reuters
traditional pipe network mainly steel, cast iron pipes, cement pipes and tube-based clay, the traditional pipe materials common energy high, easy to produce environmental pollution, etc.; the same time there are the following disadvantages pipeline: ① life is short, generally 5-10 years; ② poor corrosion resistance, chemical resistance; ③ good properties of water; ④ high construction cost, cycle long; ⑤ pipeline integrity is poor, and so easy to leak. since the mid-20th century, the world especially the developed countries have been developing special materials for making plastic pipes and plastic pipes to use.

the last decade, rapid development of plastic pipe. plastic pipe in domestic and industrial applications, its environmental safety and more and more popular, play an important and irreplaceable role. particularly in the construction industry, not only a large number of generation of plastic pipe steel, and wood, instead of the traditional building materials, but also save energy, material, ecological protection, improve the living environment, improving function and quality construction, lower construction weight, completion of the advantages of convenience widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban drainage and gas pipes and other fields; plastic pipe tube growth rate is about 4 times the average growth rate, much higher than the growth of national economy in various countries, the pace of development. to environmentally friendly green alternative to cast iron pipe and plastic pipe galvanized steel pipe has become the trend of the new century. plastic pipe in developed countries, especially in europe, has been a successful development and wide use; in the development of our country is lagging behind, but in recent years as china's comprehensive national strength, improvement of living standard, plastic pipe has been rapid development.

varieties and application of plastic pipe through the rapid development in previous years, now, china has developed into a variety of plastic pipe compared with full production capacity for larger building materials industry, the main varieties of plastic pipe: upvc pipe, cpvc pipe, pe pipe, pap pipe, pe-x pipes, pp-b pipe, pp-r pipes, pb pipes, abs pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, glass enhanced control and so on. widely used in building water supply, drainage, urban underground water supply, drainage, gas pipes, and rural water supply and drainage, irrigation pipes, and industrial waste water and sewage transmission fluid and other chemicals to meet the national economy in areas pipe needs. we should all pipes of their own characteristics and applications to development and production of certain types of plastic pipe.
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