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global plastics market will grow 5%
【global plastic net july 1, 2010 reuters
basf has predicted the global plastics market by 2015, the average annual rate of 5% will continue to grow, as urbanization and globalization has become a trend, while demand for energy and climate protection measures to promote the growing demand. therefore, the company is planning to further expand the investment in the plastics industry.

basf, said the trend with the energy industry, construction and real estate industry is closely related to these industries, the plastics are playing an increasing role. asia will become the world's fastest-growing areas of plastic demand, since 2007, consumption of plastics in asia over europe and north america combined. therefore, in the next few years, basf will focus on investment in the asian region to establish a new plant and r & d facilities. to meet the growing demand for specialty plastics, basf will also expand in the ludwigshafen production of biodegradable plastics, and new polyurethane plant in shanghai.

plastic not only for building insulation, is also widely used in manufacturing, because it is more energy efficient than other materials. for example, in auto parts manufacturing plastic in, you can reduce vehicle weight, and thus help to reduce fossil fuel consumption. in western europe, plastics in the automotive manufacturing share from 6% growth in 1970 to the present about 15%, by 2020 the proportion may rise to 25%. currently in china, plastic in the automotive industry's consumption is only about half of europe, the use of high-grade engineering plastics even lower.

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